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Most Alexa site owners are busy with their business and simply do not have the time to read guides and claim their Alexa name. See below why Alexa100k is the best solution for claiming your Alexa Name.


Alexa100k is concentrating primarily on assisting alexa site owners to claim their name effortlessly. Our team is available to assist you acquire your Alexa HNS Name efficiently.

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The Alexa HNS Name is your complete control of your online identity. As long as you hold the private keys the domain belongs to you. Use it, store it, rent it. It's up to you.

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We are now in a position where we can offer our complete Alexa Name Claim Services. No Name, No Fee. Absolutely no cost to you and you benefit from your decentralised name and hns allocation.

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Claimed HNS Names

To date there are only 781 Alexa Claimed Names from the Blockchain Out of the Top 100,000 Alexa Names. Check out some of the sites who have claimed their name and the coin value claimed in USD.

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