History Of Alexa Rank

The Alexa Traffic Rank – A key metric published from Alexa Internet analytics is the Alexa Traffic Rank, also simply known as Alexa Rank. It is also referred to as Global Rank by Alexa Internet and is designed to be an estimate of a website’s popularity. As of May 2018, Alexa Internet’s tooltip for Global Rank says the rank is calculated from a combination of daily visitors and page views on a website over a 3-month period.

The Alexa Traffic Rank can be used to monitor the popularity trend of a website and compare the popularity of different websites.

The traffic rank used to be determined from data recollected from users that had the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. As of 2020, Alexa does not use a toolbar; instead, it uses data from users that have installed any of a number of browser extensions and from websites that have the Alexa script installed on their webpages.

Claim Handshake Reserved Name

All of the ~1,500 TLDs that already exist in the ICANN root zone (e.g. .com, .org, .io) are reserved for backwards-compatibility, and can be claimed by the owners of those names. This means that you can use Handshake domains without disrupting usual access to traditional domains like .com. Additionally, the top 100,000 most visited websites as determined by Alexa are also reserved for their owners (e.g. bitcoin/ on Handshake is set aside for the owner of bitcoin.com, and google/ is set aside for Google). You can see the full list of already claimed Handshake names on dns.live.

If you own an Alexa top 100k website, you can use these instructions to claim your name

Brave.com Claimed $688,340.12

At a time when most businesses are having financial issues Brave.com and 773 other Alexa Ranked Sites claimed their names and received free HNS Coins by claiming their Alexa HNS Names.  Why are Alexa site owners not claiming their Alexa HNS Name?  Because most are unaware of it or simply don't have the time.  The Alexa top 100,000 sites are reserved for their current owners, who can claim those names on-chain using their Handshake wallet. It's free and simple.