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Terms & Conditions For Using Alexa100k Name Claims.

By completing the contact us form below below you agree to the following:  

Only the owner of the icaan registered domain can make a valid claim.  

You must enable DNSSEC with your registrar to proceed.

By clicking the button below you agreed to Alexa100k claiming your Alexa HNS Name on your behalf.  

There is a fee for using Alexa100k Name Claim Service however this is deducted from your hns allocation and not paid by you.  The fee is 25% flat rate.  You agree to 25% deduction from the Alexa Name Claim hns allocation.

Alexa100k will initiate the Alexa HNS Name claim and provide you with a txt record to add.  This will verify that you are indeed the owner of the icann registered domain.

Alexa100k will update your periodically regards the status of the claim.  Rest assured we have done all the necessary checks to ensure your Alexa HNS Name get released.

Alexa100k will gift the 'reserved' Alexa HNS Name to the email address registered on Namebase.  The hns allocation will be sent to your hns wallet (minus 25%).

Why You Shouldn't Delay Your Claim

It's literally doesn't not cost you a thing.  We offer a No Name, No Fee service.  The Alexa HNS Name has been sitting in the handshake blockchain gathering dust because you as an Alexa site owner was unaware you could claim it  If you are fortunate to be one of the top ranking Alexa Sites then the hns allocation for your domain would exceed thousands of dollars.

As an Alexa Site Owner you know that your site is generating revenue with the most traffic on the net but covid has had an impact on many online businesses.  What if you could get a free cash injection with no banks to see, no loan officers and no donations.  That is precisely what your Alexa HNS Name claim will release just for your site being an Alexa Ranked Site.

No Name, No Fee

No cost to you whatsoever, your Alexa HNS Name releases a hns allocation.

By using Alexa100k Name Claim Services the fee allocation of 25% is minused from the hns coin allocation you receive.

You are free however to use the guides available and DIY Name Claim your Alexa HNS Name.

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Alexa Site Owner
75% of claimed hns


25% of claimed hns